UPDATED at 7 AM Monday, May 21, 2018


Breakup on the Yukon is nearly complete.  Ice moved out at Emmonak and Alakanuk on Friday.  The river was running ice-free at Galena for the first time this season on Saturday morning, with moderate amounts of drift wood continuing to come downstream.   Satellite images showed that the Porcupine River is open or mostly open upstream of Old Crow down to the mouth. FAA webcams showed some ice still passing by Grayling on Sunday morning.

Waters are mostly open along almost the whole length of the Koyukuk River, and the Tanana River is classified as open or mostly open as well.  

Water levels are forecast to rise this week on the Tanana River at Nenana and Manley, as well as the Chena and Salcha Rivers.   

RIVER                            SNOWMELT   FLOOD   AVERAGE        2018
                                           VOL.         POTENTIAL   BREAKUP    BREAKUP
------------- ---------- --------- ------- ------ --------
CIRCLE                                                  LOW-MOD      05/08     **05/10
FORT YUKON                                      LOW                 05/10     **05/11
STEVENS VILLAGE                              LOW                05/11     **05/11
RAMPART                                            LOW                 05/11      **05/11

TANANA                                              LOW                05/08      **05/07
RUBY                                                    LOW               05/09       **05/12
GALENA                                       LOW-MOD            05/11      **05/12
KOYUKUK                                  LOW-MOD             05/10       **05/12
NULATO                                      LOW-MOD               05/10            ?
KALTAG                                           LOW                   05/12          **5/14

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE                    LOW                 05/19       **05/14

EMMONAK                                                                               **05/18

BETTLES                                          LOW                  05/09       **05/11
ALLAKAKET                                  LOW                   05/09       **05/11
HUSLIA                                                                                      **05/12



The time has come again to make preparation for possible spring breakup flooding. 

Unlike in 2013, local officials will no longer attempt to conduct a large-scale evacuation in Galena during a flood.  The process of evacuating presents greater risk to health and safety than just staying put.  Therefore, flood preparations in Galena are now based on a system of “shelter in place.” 

To prepare to shelter in place, please consider what will be needed to survive in your home or workplace for several days without basic services such as water, sewer, and electricity. 

              -have a backup generator gassed up and ready to go

              -store extra drinking water, and relocate as much human and pet food as you might need  

              -have a battery powered radio handy, to receive reports on KIYU

              -have a honey bucket ready in case you lose access to your sewage system

Other helpful tips include:

             -gathering critical items like medication, drivers licenses, passports, checkbooks and important documents into a “to-go” bag that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice;

             -have a plan for moving your pets if they are usually outdoors in a flood-prone area

             -locate an old telephone if you can and have it ready.  Cell phones are unlikely to work during an extended power outage, and cordless phones require electricity too.  However, old style phones that do not require

              electricity will continue to work during a power outage.


If you must evacuate your home, shut off the main valves on propane and heating fuel tanks, and cut electricity to your house at the breaker panel.  These actions are very helpful in preventing fires and contamination that often occur during or after a flood.   

If certain Galena residents would prefer to relocate to a designated community shelter during a flood, the Sidney C Huntington School will be available. 

Please take the time to think about these suggestions and make a plan for your family well in advance of the anticipated breakup date.