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On Air KIYU is Community Radio for Alaska
KIYU, Galena/ KRBY, Ruby/ KOYU, Koyukuk/ KNUL,
Nulato/ KALG, Kaltag/ KHUS, Huslia / KTYU, Tanana/
KHUU, Hughes/ KKET Allakaket & on KSYU, St. Mary's

Our Mission
To bind the Western Koyukon Region together through informative,
entertaining, cultural and educational programming;
uniquely tailored to the region's present and future needs.




National News

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner


            Saturday's at 11am on KIYU!



KIYU board meetings are held quarterly and announcements of the meeting are posted throughout the community and announced on KIYU.





Morning Edition

Science / Health



To request copies of financial statements, please contact KIYU at P.O Box 165 Galena, AK. 99741.



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Dick Bartley Saturday night at 7 on KIYU!



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