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KIYU Board of Directors (current)

Russ Sweetsir (Seat A)

Board Members
Susie Sam-Vice-President (Seat B)

Shanda Huntington-Treasurer (Seat C)

Jerry Nollner Sr. (Seat D)

Paul Apfelbeck (Seat E)

Charlie Green (Seat F)

Ayla Kalke-Secretary (Seat G)

Community Advisory Board

CAB reorganization coming soon.

Stay tuned for details on how you can serve.


KIYU Staff and Volunteers

General Manager/Program Director/Janitor
Brian Landrum

News Director / Reporter/Ida's Dad
Tim Bodony


Margie Attla

Bill Dollar

Ann Fears

Wolfman Jack
Jerry Nollner, Sr.

Jerry Nollner, Jr.

Dick Bartley

M.G Kelley

Steven Stone

Mike Walker

Steve Heimel

We are always looking for more volunteers. Call 907-656-1488 or send an email to if you are interested in hosting your own weekly music program.

Saving the 70's
Friday Nights

Saving the 70's

'Saving the 70s' is hosted by Mike Walker, a 70s music and culture FANATIC! 'Saving the 70s' specializes in songs that traditional radio forgot, but you never will! And it's not just the music that'll keep you coming back...'Saving the 70s' is loaded with sound-bites from 70s TV, Movies, News Events, Commercials and more, presented at breakneck speed, as he races down the hall from the restroom before 'American Pie' runs out!

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