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Pro Class Race

The Iron Dog Pro Class consists of a team of two persons on two snowmobiles. The Pro Class Race begins the second Sunday of every February and finishes the following Saturday. The teams are released at the Race Start in Big Lake at two minute intervals. Between Big Lake and Nome the teams are required to take three layovers at a minimum of 6 hours per location and 28 hours total On the course between Nome and Fairbanks they are required to take a minimum of two layovers at a minimum of 6 hours per location and 18 hours total before they reach Tanana. At Tanana the race teams are held to secure a mid-day finish on Saturday in Fairbanks. The teams have a choice of 8 layover points between Big Lake and Nome and 6 layover points between Nome and Fairbanks. This event does not require any qualifying races to enter.

Recreational Class Race

The Recreational Class is a non-competitive option to those that wish to travel the Historic Iditarod Trail from Big Lake to Nome. Teams are required to be a minimum of two persons on their own snowmobiles. Rec. Class participants encounter much of the same challenges of the Race Class without the competitive pressure. The Rec. Class ride begins two days prior to the Race Class and will meet up with the Pro Class in Nome. A Halfway Pro Class and Finishing Rec. Class Celebration Banquet is held Wednesday night.

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