Monday, May 23rd 2022

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Monday, May 23rd, 2022 @ 7:00 AM


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NEW There is a newly updated list of individual emergency contact numbers from the City of Galena available here.

Also, note the general emergency numbers which have not changed recently:

Police: 911

Police non-emergency office line is 656-2177.

Fire Department: 656-0911

Medical: 656-1266 (emergency). The non-emergency line is 656-1366.

Tanana Chiefs Conference After-Hours Triage Nurse: 1-800-478-6682 (for times when clinic is closed or a local on-call provider is not available)

Behavioral Health Emergency Line: 656-1266

Alaska State Troopers (statewide, toll free ):  1 (800) 811-0911

Airport Police (statewide, toll free):  1 (877) 847-4342

NEW ARCS Television in Galena is currently off the air due to technical issues. We are waiting for equipment to repair the problem, and have been reassured that it’ll be here soon. We do sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. (5/9)


NEW The Galena City Council will hold a regular meeting on Tuesday, May 24th at 6 PM in the Council Chambers.  Their agenda is available here and the Zoom meeting information is here. (5/20)

NEW Louden Tribal Council is hosting a Food Preservation Workshop Series this summer. The first workshop will be on Tuesday, June 7th from 6-8 pm when they welcome Cooperative Extension’s, Lesley Jones to teach “Canning Basics: Berries & Pickles”. Participants will learn how to safely preserve food using the water bath canning method and will be able to make their own pickles and raspberry jam! Those attending the full workshop will be entered into a raffle and 4 lucky winners will go home with the full set up including a Presto 23-quart pressure canner and canning tool set! Call Brooke at Louden with any questions 907-656-1711. Their flyer for the event is here. (5/19)

NEW The GCSD School Board is holding a Special Meeting next Monday, May 23, 2022 at 5:00pm in the SHS Library/Commons area to discuss the ratification of the GEA Certified Collective Bargaining Agreement 2022-2025. Folks may also teleconference into the meeting by calling 1-800-315-6338 and entering access code 12053# when prompted. (5/19)

NEW Beading night with Jennessa Miller at the Louden Multipurpose room is happening every Wednesday starting May 25th from 6pm-7pm. Anyone is welcome to come, you can start a new project, or bring something that you are working on. We can share ideas and tell stories. Their flyer is here. (5/19)

NEW Please join us for the Edgar Nollner Health Center’s annual Sobriety Street Fair on June 9th from 4 pm to 6 pm. Celebrate healthy living with music, games, informational booths, a BBQ and more! The Boy Scouts of America will host a day camp on June 9th and 10th, and that’s open to all youth, boys and girls, K-12th grade. Their flyer is here. (5/19)

NEW To the shareholders of K-Corp, the Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held in Huslia on Saturday June 4th.  All shareholders should have received a yellow proxy card in the mail for voting.  Please vote, sign and date this yellow proxy and return in the self-addressed envelope.  Contact the corporate office at (907) 452-8119 or with any questions or concerns.  The board and staff of K’oyitl’ots’ina wishes everyone a safe and happy spring. (5/13)

NEW AND UPDATED The 44th Gana-A’Yoo Annual Meeting of Shareholders is on June 3rd at 5:00 pm in Nulato. Gana-A’Yoo is planning to have a hybrid virtual meeting with limited in-person attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shareholders will be provided information to attend the meeting virtually prior to the meeting. Voting Shareholders have the option to vote their hard copy proxy or online at (Updated 5/3)

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

COVID-19 Coronavirus-related announcements – organized by community


A message from Jim Merriner, GCSD Superintendent:

Any staff, student, or visitor who would like an N95 mask, please see Dave Casey at SHS or Lilly Ann DeWilde at GILA. GCSD continues to provide enhanced custodial and food service. We will also continue to emphasize proper hand sanitization, etc. Thank you very much for wearing a mask if you are not feeling perfectly healthy so that we can help keep as many folks at school/work as possible so that SHS/GILA classrooms remain in operation as we come out the other side of this omicron timeframe. (2/4)

The Edgar Nollner Health Center has begun rounds of COVID-19 booster shots. If you would like to be included in a future vaccination clinic, please call 656-1366 to be put on the list. (12/2)

Other villages

If you want to post your village’s current coronavirus control policies here on the Yukon Wireless, please email them to

Community Info

NEW Looking for help at the cemetery today to dig a grave for the late Debra Barbee. Contact David Billings at 656-7205, Buddy at 907-799-6288. They’ll be meeting at 1:00 at Rusty’s gravel pit landing. (5/23)

NEW The Galena Bible church is sponsoring FREE OPEN SWIM + we are bringing in FREE ICE CREAM…because what better way to celebrate the start of summer?! We hope to see all of Galena there!!  -Who: EVERYONE!  -What: FREE open swim + FREE ice cream -Where: Galena pool -When: Saturday, May 28th 7-8:30pm! (5/23)

NEW Louden Tribal Council is requesting quotes from interested parties for a vehicle preparation and disposal project. Details on the Scope of Work can be found here or by contacting Louden. Quotes must be received by 4:30 pm on Friday, May 27th at the Louden Tribal Office, by email to, or by mail at PO Box 244 Galena, AK 99741. Contact Brooke at 907-656-1711 with questions. (5/16)

NEW Swimming Lessons are taking place at the pool May 23rd-27th for infants through high school youth. Checkout the flyer here for specific sessions and sign-up by contacting coach or pool manager Sandy Scotton at (907) 656-7100. (5/16)

NEW The Literacy Council of Alaska is offering online and phone based G.E.D. tutoring and test preparation for Alaskans in rural areas. Contact Justine Schmidt by email at or call 907-456-6212. They have flyers here and here. You can do it. End of story! (5/12)

NEW Clean up day for the Community is the week of May 23-27th and then the City of Galena will have a community Clean up day/picnic with prizes on June 3 at the ballfields. There’s a new flyer for Clean Up Week here. (Updated 5/18)

NEW If you or anyone you know is 60 years or older and would like to receive a box of nutritious food every month at no cost to you (given that you meet the income requirements)  then you might want to consider calling Louden at 656-1711 and asking them about the Commodity Supplemental Food Program. A brochure about the program is here, and the application can be found here. (4/21)

NEW The Yukon Koyukuk Elder Assisted Living Facility is hoping to provide meals on wheels or communal lunch on some days and build up to five day a week when we have enough staff.  If you are 55 or older and would like to come have lunch or have lunch delivered, please call and get on the list.  Call (907) 656-2574.  (4/12)

NEW The Big River Public Broadcasting Corporation is pleased to announce the KIYU Scholarship for 2022! Once again, as in the past, KIYU is asking for essays from graduating seniors, detailing an act or acts of public service to your community during your high school career, two letters of recommendation and the completed application. This year, the amount of money in the scholarship pool has increased to $4000, with up to four students earning $1000 each for college or vocational school. If fewer than four apply, the award per student will increase. The deadline for applications is May 30th, 2022. The complete rules are here and the application form is here. Good luck to all graduating seniors in 2022! If you have any questions, contact Dave Patty at 907-656-1488 or email (Updated 4/11)

NEW If you love adventure, please come and join us this year for our graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 18th at Sidney C. Huntington School (SHS). Please visit our Principal’s Corner web page by clicking here: for more details regarding this year’s ceremony schedule, local accommodations, and additional travel arrangement info. Our students would absolutely enjoy having you in Galena! 

The Galena City School District would like to provide newly hired teachers and administrators moving to Galena this summer/fall with up-to-date information regarding house rental and house sale opportunities in Galena. If I have not already spoken with you and you have a place (this can include a room) for rent or sale that you would like to be included in the housing information provided to any new GCSD staff, please call me at 907-656-1205 or email me at (2/22)


A reminder from our friends at Gana-A’Yoo, Ltd. Shareholders and Descendants must apply for a timber use permit to harvest timber on Gana-A’Yoo lands. Non-shareholder residents of the community are not permitted. Visit for more information on Gana-A’Yoo Land Management Policies and applications. Also, a permit is required to hunt on Native lands and violators will be fined. If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at 888-656-1606. (Updated 8/18)

Please talk to your children about the safe usage of ATV’s before letting them drive. We have been getting complaints of how fast and reckless kids are driving ATV’s. Technically by Alaska Law ATV’s are not allowed on the roadway. However, Galena PD tries to be understanding and lenient when it comes to on road operation in Galena. Children should be informed that ATV use is a serious responsibility and ALL TRAFFIC LAWS INCLUDING SPEED must be followed. Also National Standards state officially that no child under the age of 16 can operate an ATV without an adult present. PASSENGER LIMITS are also a safety factor. If it appears that this is becoming a safety risk, your police department will have no choice but to start issuing tickets and possibly impounding ATV’s for the safety of the community and your children’s safety. Please help us keep your children safe. (4/30)

The Galena City School District reminds Galena drivers to be extremely careful when approaching a school bus, especially when the bus is stopped. Students may be getting onto or out of the bus. Alaska law states that drivers approaching a school bus from the rear may not pass the school bus when red signal lights are flashing, and shall bring their vehicles to a complete stop before reaching the school bus when it is stopped. Drivers shall remain stopped until the bus’s stop sign is retracted, the flashing red lights are discontinued and the school bus resumes motion, or until signaled by the bus driver to proceed. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping kids safe. (10/15)

The Dental Department at the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena is open and seeing patients for routine care, which includes exams, simple cleanings and fillings, as well as emergency evaluations. Please call 656-1366 extension 5336 in advance to make an appointment. (7/6)

The Galena emergency contact numbers have to change again. Please note the following changes:

  • Call 911 for a police emergency
  • If you cannot get through to 911 in a police emergency, call Trooper Dispatch at 1-800-811-0911
  • Call 656-0911 to report a fire
  • The Galena medical emergency line remains 656-1266
  • The Galena Police Non-Emergency line remains 656-2177

Job Openings

NEW The Koyukuk Native Council is looking to hire for renovation of the Tribal Court Building:

 (1) Supervisor / Foreman

 (1) Carpenter

 (2) Laborer(s)

This job is located in Koyukuk. If interested, you can call the Tribal court at (907) 927-2237. (5/19)

NEW The BLM and Alaska Fire Service in Galena are currently hiring for temporary full time positions, ranging from $22.81 to $26.65 per hour. More information on these positions is available here, and applications are handled online at (5/18)

NEW Louden Tribal Council is accepting applications for the 2022 Summer Youth Program. There are two part-time positions available, a Youth Office Assistant and a Youth Project Assistant. This year, there are no income eligibility requirements so any interested youth, ages 14-21 can pick up an application from the Louden Tribal Office.  Applications are due by Friday, May 20th at 4:30 pm. Contact Brooke with questions at 656-1711. (5/3)

NEW The United States Postal Service in Galena is hiring for a Sales/Service & Distribution Associate. Starting Salary is $30.15 per hour, plus benefits. See their flyer here, and visit the post office in Galena to apply! (3/22)

NEW Big River Public Broadcasting is seeking a motivated, outgoing person to get involved on the radio. This will be a flexible position, partly tailored to your talents and interests, with an expectation to back up the Station Manager on the air occasionally by voicing the Yukon Wireless. Would you like to do field interviews and revive the Raven’s Story? Create a weekly music program? Contribute to and our Facebook page? Want to help create the new radio station? Have creative media ideas of your own? We should talk about it.
Call me at 907-656-1488 at the desk, or call or text 907-574-0783 on my cell. Email (3/21)

NEW Are you interested in seasonal work? Maybe a summer adventure in the Alaska wilderness? Want to launch a career in wildland fire? The BLM Alaska Fire Service’s North Star Fire Crew is recruiting for the 2022 Alaska Fire Season. As a training crew, the program accepts applicants with little to no fire experience, provides red card certification in the first two weeks of critical training, and during a three-month season, teaches crew members the fundamental skills of wildfire suppression. This crew’s season runs about 90 days from mid-May to mid-August. Crewmembers receive free meals and housing at AFS facilities in Fairbanks when working as volunteers. The rate of pay was $19.72 in 2021 and crewmembers earned approximately $20,000 during the three-month season.  Some went on to work on hotshot crews for the rest of the season. The deadline to apply is April 1. 

Find more information and apply through the crew’s website at the BLM web address here.

Find more information about BLM Alaska Fire Service at or find AFS on Facebook @BLMAFS.
Find other AFS job openings at the Alaska Fire Service’s jobs page here. (3/14)

The Louden Tribal Council is currently seeking a Project Assistant. This is a temporary, flexible position with a starting wage of $17-$20 per hour. The project involves scanning and organizing paper files into an electronic database. The full job description is here. Call 907-656-1711 or email (3/8)

Updated 4/6: Yukon Koyukuk Elder Assisted Living Facility is accepting applications for personal care attendants and Certified Nursing Aides. In addition to looking for caregivers and a cook, YKEALF is now searching for an administrator.  If interested in applying to be a caregiver or cook, one should contact Agnes.  If interested in the administrator position one should contact Sharon at (907) 460-5627. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, pass a criminal background check which is done by YKEALF, have at least 3 positive references and above all love and respect elders. Applications must be neat and complete with 2 sets of fingerprint cards to be considered. Questions can be directed to Agnes at 656-2574. The application is here. (Updated 4/6)

(Updated 5/5) The Galena City School District has the following job openings:

To apply, fill out a complete employment application on the Galena City School District website located at

GCSD – Activities (FY23)
GCSD – Academic Support Teacher (FY23)
GCSD – Clerical II (Special Education)
GCSD – Grant Writer / Administrator
GCSD – Temporary Summer Custodial / Maintenance (6)
GILA – Special Education Teacher (FY23)
GILA – Residence Hall Administrator
GILA – Hall Manager
GILA – Resident Advisor
GILA – Dorm Aide (2)
GILA – Assistant Cook I
GILA – Assistant Cook II
SHS – School Counselor
SHS – Library Aide
SHS – Cook’s Helper
SHS – Bilingual Aide
SHS – Bilingual Aide Coordinator
SHS – Elementary Teacher (Grades 6&7) (FY23)
SHS – Elementary Teacher (Grade 8) (FY23)
SHS – Special Education Teacher K-12 (FY23)
SHS / GILA – Science Teacher (FY23)
SHS / GILA – Science Teacher (FY23)
SHS / GILA – Math Teacher (FY23)

IDEA – Juneau Site Administrator
IDEA – Special Education Teacher (Anchorage) (FY23)
IDEA – Clerical II (Fairbanks) (3)
IDEA – Temporary Clerical II (Fairbanks) (4)

For more information, see the Galena City School District employment page. Or, call the district office at 907-656-1205.

NEW The Bureau of Land Management Alaska Fire Service has several job openings in food services and administrative support positions based in Fairbanks for the summer. BLM AFS is looking for several cooks and food service workers for its dining facility on Fort Wainwright, Alaska. The Food Service positions pay between $18.42 – $21.49 per hour. The cook positions pay between $26.34 – $30.69 per hour. The deadline to apply is April 6. Deadline to apply for the two Administrative Support Assistants is April 12, 2022. These career-seasonal, full-time positions pay between $40,538 – $58,746 per year.

Apply at The administrative support positions are listed under job #645693000. The food service announcement is listed under #644000200 and the cook announcement is listed under #644000500.  (3/31)


*** PLEASE NOTE, any classified ad two weeks or older will be removed, so please try and keep us informed when something is sold or a need has been met. Thanks!

NEW Kristin Cannon is having a garage sale on Saturday May 21st from 10 am – 2 pm at her house on Crow Creek. (5/19)

NEW There is now a Splash & Dash Car Wash in Galena at Wright’s Air Service! Drop by the terminal and get that rig hosed down! Pressure wash available. (5/16)

NEW Looking for 55 gallon barrel with ring and lid.  Call Jeremy @ 656-7276

NEW 3/4 lab mix, Dam is 100% AKC pure bred, Sire is 1/2 lab. Both parents are good with kids.1 yellow male, 1 black male and 2 black females. The shape looks all lab (2nd litter form dam; first one was pure bred, though some white spots. Puppies come fully vaccinated. Puppies are available on May 13th (8 weeks old). This would be a great Mothers Day gift! Text me for pictures. $200 re-homing fee. Could be sent to surrounding villages for extra charge. Martin (907-656-7120). (5/6)

NEW The City of Galena has issued a Request for Bids for a 1990 Ford Ambulance (Click for Full Info Here), 1987 Champion Grader #1 (Click for Full Info Here), and a 1987 Champion Grader #2 (Click for Full Info Here). Sealed Bids must be submitted to City Manager of Galena, PO Box 149, Galena, AK 99741 no later than May 19, 2022 at 4 p.m. The envelope containing the bid should clearly indicate which equipment you are bidding for. The successful bidder will be notified no later than May 24, 2022.  (4/29)

NEW FOR SALE: A 1997 John Deere 450G with 1921 hours on it. New batteries and very well maintained. Asking $30,000.

Also for sale, a 2009 Argo Avenger 750 with 360 hours on it. Asking $10,000.

My name is Dana and you can contact me by phone or text. 801-971-4774. (4/27)

Lost and Found

*** PLEASE NOTE, any lost and found notice more than two weeks old will be removed, so please try and keep us informed when owners and items have been joyfully reunited. Thanks!

Galena Pool Schedule

NEW Swimming Lessons are taking place at the pool May 23rd-27th for infants through high school youth. Checkout the flyer here for specific sessions and sign-up by contacting coach or pool manager Sandy Scotton at (907) 656-7100. (5/16)

UPDATED Family Swim is continuing on Sundays 4:30-5:30 pm! With growing interest to keep this outlet, this series for those with kiddos six and under will continue. As long as lifeguard coverage is available and families continue to be in attendance, we hope to keep this series through the end of the school year and then reevaluate for summer. The cost per family is $5 each week, no reservation required. Note: parents/guardians are expected to join in the pool with their little ones. Come swim with other young families! (3/9)

The fitness room at the pool will be open two evenings a week, beginning December 6th.  Hours are 7 pm to 9 pm Monday and Wednesday.  Open area in the observation room is available for workout videos and exercises.  Showers are also available.  Pool will NOT be available for use at those times.  Cost is:

13 for $50
26 for $100
40 for $150

Contact Sandy Scotton with inquiries at 907-656-7100. (12/1)

UPDATED 2022 Galena Pool Schedule

Open Swim Schedule:
Friday 7:00 – 8:30 pm and Saturday 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Lap Swim Schedule:
Tuesday 4:30 – 6:00 pm and Thursday 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Workout room and showers are available during the same hours. For questions or pool rental inquiries contact Sandy Scotton 907-656-7100.

Lodging and Vehicle Rentals

Here is a listing of privately-owned lodging establishments and vehicle rental businesses in Galena. Please feel free to share this resource with those needing short or long term, temporary lodging or transportation. If you offer these services, and wish to be added to the list, please e-mail us at so we can post it online.


Business Rooms Beds Description Contact Information      
Alexander’s Lake B&B 3 5 3 Bedrooms with 5 beds total. Viasat Satellite w/WiFi, Dish Network. 907-656-7095 cell; 907-947-3631 Joyce & Larry      
Joyce & Larry Hausmann     Firm Comfortable Beds.  Full Kitchen and Laundry. Hausmann      
      Airport pick up;  Walking to School, Clinic, City Hall and Coffee Shop(Fully licensed and insured)        
Frankson Services 5 10 2 private homes: one 5 bedroom (Satellite TV in each room) and 907-656-7042 cell Erica Frankson      
Erica Frankson 2 2  one 2 bedroom home.  Both have Wifi, WD, fully furnished kitchen.        
      3 full size Chevy Trucks to rent.        
Gana-A’Yoo Apartments 1 2 Duplex:  1 bedroom apartment. 907-656-1606 Sharon Nollner      
Sharon Nollner     Contact Sharon Nollner regarding vehicles to rent.        
Pitka’s Car Rentals     3: Ford 150 extended cab; Ford 150 standard cab; Ford 250 Flatbed 907-656-7011 cell; 656-1719 home Terry Pitka      
Terry Pitka        
Shangri-la 5 7 Three Bedroom House + 2 Cabins: WiFi, Satellite TV, washer/dryer, full kitchen 907-656-4545; 378-6668 cell (Brad); 656-7100 cell (Sandy) Sandy Scotton      
Sandy Scotton     Vehicles to rent: 2 trucks, 2 Expeditions        
Sweetsir BnoB 7 9* 4 bedrooms with 4 beds: wifi, cable, w/d, dishwasher, 2 showers 907-656-7449 Agnes Sweetsir      
Agnes Sweetsir     with option to increase for customers from the same family or company.        
Yukon Alaska Enterprise 4 9 1 apartment w/3 beds; 3 rooms w/2 beds each 907-656-1334 Shirley Cleaver      
Shirley Cleaver     Truck Rentals: 2 Full size GMC trucks (4×4),  Toyota Tundra (4×4) 4-door 907-656-7210   cell        
      ” Located on the Banks of the Yukon River”        
Tiffany George Truck Rental     2: Chevy Silverados 907-656-7206 Tiffany George             

Galena Emergency Numbers UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020

Police: 911

Police non-emergency office line is 656-2177.

Fire Department: 656-0911

Medical: 656-1266 (emergency). The non-emergency line is 656-1366.

Tanana Chiefs Conference After-Hours Triage Nurse: 1-800-478-6682 (for times when clinic is closed or a local on-call provider is not available)

Behavioral Health Emergency Line: 656-1266

Alaska State Troopers (statewide, toll free ):  1 (800) 811-0911

Airport Police (statewide, toll free):  1 (877) 847-4342

TV Schedule

For villages out of Galena that are interested in ARCS TV service call KIYU at (907) 656-1488 and we’ll get you in touch with those that can assist you.

The ARCS TV Schedule is available here.

The Food Section


The Coffee Shop is closed for the rest of this week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hours are 10am-1pm. Call 656-2505 ahead of time to place orders.

May 23rd – May 28th


Chicken burger and Mac & cheese


Thai Noodles with Chicken


Nachos Supreme


Chicken Coconut Curry over Rice


Homemade Pizza or Clam Chowder


Hours 11 AM – 1 PM

Sunday – Closed


Keep up to date with school happenings in Galena, and link up with the event calendar.