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UPDATE 1/24/18 Federal Subsistence Fish and Shellfish Regulations now available

See them here.

The Alaska Federal Subsistence Management Program is seeking applicants to serve on the Western Interior Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council. Subsistence users from Hughes, Huslia, and Nulato are encouraged to apply. The application deadline is February 2, 2018. You can download the application on the Federal Subsistence Management Program website at this link. Please call Carl Johnson at (907) 786-3676 if you have any questions.



US Fish & Wildlife Service Current Federal (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) Subsistence regulations (fishing and hunting) can be found at:

Click on "Northern Yukon Area" to find this area under the Fishing regulations and click "Unit 21 Middle Yukon" to find federal subsistence hunting regulations for this area.

Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Mngt Council The Alaska Subsistence Spring/Summer Migratory Bird Harvest regulations can be found at the following website:

Click on link named "Alaska Subsistence Bird Harvest Regulations Handbook" to access regulations.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game The following web address is Alaska Department of Fish and Game State News Releases (current news releases with the most up to date regulations):

Regular State (Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game) hunting regulations can be found at: Click on Unit 21 on the map.

The Yukon River Delta Fishing Association (YRDFA) weekly Teleconference summaries can be found at:

All state licenses can be purchased on the ADF&G website:


Sounds Wild is an educational radio program produced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Catch it weeknight's during the 6:30 Yukon Wireless.



Dick Bartley's 's Classic Hits

Saturday Nights

Dick Bartley has been hosting a nationwide request radio show since 1982. Debuting as "Solid Gold Saturday Night," the program became "The Rock & Roll Oldies Show," and since 1991 was known as "Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits!". Now tune in to a whole new show, "Dick Bartley's Classic Hits". The toll-free request number is 1-866-989-1975 . . . call any time to request your favorites!

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