KIYU is your public radio station, dedicated to serving your communities with news, information and entertainment, tailored to Alaskans like yourself. It is public broadcasters who bring radio and television into rural areas, and it’s up to our listeners to make sure that never changes.

Business Members of KIYU have more reach than ever with your messages. KIYU Galena has nine full time FM repeaters in Huslia, Kaltag, Nulato, Ruby, Koyukuk, Hughes, Tanana, Allakaket and St. Mary’s. During peak hours, KIYU broadcasts in 15 communities, through our affiliation with KRFF in Fairbanks, and their repeaters in Nenana, Tok, Circle and Eagle. Your year-round announcements across all dayparts will be heard in all those areas.

YES! I support public radio in Alaska!

Membership LevelGift of Thanks
$20 Basic MembershipCoffee Cup or Thermometer
$50 Premium MembershipCoffee Cup and Thermometer
$100 Master MembershipCup, Thermometer and Hooded Sweatshirt
$500 Business MembershipDaily, Year Round Announcements

Here are the different ways you can give

Make a right here on our website!

E-mail your intent to pledge to office@kiyu.com

Send a donation in the mail to KIYU, P.O. Box 165, Galena, AK 99741

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