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With the subsistence waterfowl hunting season underway, here are a few reminders from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:

-To be eligible for the Federal spring and summer migratory bird subsistence hunt, you must be a PERMENANT RESIDENT OF RURAL AREA (Refer to the 2018 Alaska Subsistence Bird Harvest Regulations Handbook for further information) 

-Hunters 18 and older must have a 2018 hunting license and 2018 State Duck Stamp, except disabled veterans, those 60 years or older, and those that qualify for a low income license (Available online at, State license vendors, or ADF&G offices) 

-Rural subsistence hunters do NOT need a Federal Duck Stamp for 2018 Hunters must use non-toxic shot.

-You do not need to have a plug in your shotgun during the spring/summer season. 

-Baiting is prohibited 

-The Season is open from April 2-June 14 and July 16-August 31. (May 1- June 14 for egg gathering only.) The Spring/Summer season will be CLOSED from June 15th-July 15th 

-In the 2018 Alaska Subsistence Bird Harvest Regulations Handbook, there is a list of birds that are open for harvest. Make sure to look that list over before hunting. In any given area, there are some species that are closed to hunting.

Federal Subsistence Fish and Shellfish Regulations now available

See them here.


Current Federal (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) Subsistence regulations (fishing and hunting) can be found at:

Click on “Northern Yukon Area” to find this area under the Fishing regulations and click “Unit 21 Middle Yukon” to find federal subsistence hunting regulations for this area.

The Alaska Subsistence Spring/Summer Migratory Bird Harvest regulations can be found at the following website:

Click on link named “Alaska Subsistence Bird Harvest Regulations Handbook” to access regulations.

The following web address is Alaska Department of Fish and Game State News Releases (current news releases with the most up to date regulations):

Regular State (Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game) hunting regulations can be found at: Click on Unit 21 on the map.

The Yukon River Delta Fishing Association (YRDFA) weekly Teleconference summaries can be found at:

All state licenses can be purchased on the ADF&G website: