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Monday, July 16th, 2018


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MONDAY, JULY 16th, 2018                    



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  Fishing/Subsistence Information


Here is the latest Yukon River salmon update with information from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

UPDATED JULY 16 at 8 am

King salmon entry into the river has slowed to a trickle.  A total of around 158,000 kings have passed the Pilot Station sonar this season.  That is below the 10-year average, but the run may finish near the lower end of Fish and Game's preseason projection.

The third pulse of kings, which started entering the river on June 22, is the largest of the four pulses detected with a total size of around 51,000 fish at Pilot Station.  The front end of the third pulse should be approaching the Canadian border.  A smaller fourth pulse of kings, numbering around 20,000 fish in size, should be between Ruby and Tanana.  Numbers are starting to increase at the Eagle Sonar project, with around 5400 kings counted through July 15th. 

The summer chum run is still shaping up to be below average, though a late pulse of summer chum went by Pilot Station from July 3 to July 5. These fish should be arriving at Kaltag around the middle of this week.

Here are the fishing schedules:

District 2 Subsistence (including St. Mary's):

Subsistence fishing will be open with 7.5-inch or smaller mesh gillnets from 2 p.m. today, July 16, to 8 a.m. Tuesday, July 17

Effective 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 18, fall season regulations will take effect, in which subsistence fishing in District 2 will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week except for 12 hours before, during, and 12 hours after each commercial fishing period. Subsistence fishermen may use 7.5-inch or smaller mesh gillnets.


District 2 Commercial (including St. Mary's):

Commercial fishing will open for the following 12-hour periods with 6-inch or smaller mesh gillnets:

-Noon to midnight Tuesday, July 17 (this will be the final commercial opening of the summer season)

Subdistrict 4-A Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing will remain open around the clock in Subdistrict 4-A to target summer chum salmon with live-release fish wheels only. All king salmon caught in commercial fish wheels must be immediately returned to the water alive and recorded on a fish ticket.

All salmon harvested during commercial fishing must be recorded on a fish ticket at the time of sale. Salmon kept for personal use should be recorded on the fish ticket as “not sold.” Any salmon that have been released alive should be recorded on the fish ticket as “released alive”.


District 4 Subsistence (including Kaltag, Nulato, Bishop Mountain, Galena, Ruby, and Koyukuk):

Subsistence salmon fishing is on the normal window schedule, which allows fishing during two 48 hour periods per week:

-6 p.m. Sundays to 6 p.m. Tuesdays;

-6 p.m. Wednesdays to 6 p.m. Fridays

Maximum mesh size in next week's openings will go back up to 7.5 inches.  Fishermen may use set and drift gillnets and fish wheels, and all salmon may be retained.


Subdistricts 5-A, 5-B, and 5-C (including Tanana and Rampart):

Fishing will be open with 6-inch or smaller mesh set gillnets and fish wheels during the following times:

-6 pm Tuesday to 6 pm Wednesday
-6 p.m. Fridays to 6 p.m. Saturdays

During subsistence salmon fishing closures, only gillnets with 4-inch or smaller mesh may be used to target non-salmon species.

A fishing permit is required for all species from the western most tip of Garnet Island upstream to the mouth of Dall River (Dalton Highway bridge area. Calendars and fishing permits are available from the Fairbanks ADF&G office.


Subdistricts 6-A and 6-B (includes the Tanana River communities of Manley, Minto, and Nenana):

Subsistence and commercial fishing will be open for two 42-hour periods per week with 7.5-inch or smaller mesh gillnets and fish wheels from:

-6 p.m. Fridays to 12 p.m. noon Sundays
-6 p.m. Mondays to 12 p.m. noon Wednesdays

A subsistence fishing permit is required to fish for salmon in the Tanana River drainage below the Wood River. Subsistence fishing permits are now available at the Fish and Game Online Store at


Old Minto Area The subsistence schedule for the area allows fishing from 6 p.m. Fridays to 6 p.m. Wednesdays, with a maximum mesh size of 7.5 inches and fish wheels.


Koyukuk River and Kantishna Rivers:

Subsistence fishing is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week with 7.5-inch or smaller mesh gillnets and fish wheels.



Image result for salmon clipartThe Yukon River In-season Salmon Management Teleconferences hosted by Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association will be held every Tuesday at 1pm. These calls give residents of the Yukon drainage a chance to report on fishing and river conditions, and for managers to discuss current regulations and management strategies. You can participate in the teleconference by calling 1-800-315-6338 and then entering the code 98566# (YUKON #) (5/30)



Louden Tribal Council will be holding their monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 17th at 6pm in the Louden Office. Here is the agenda.

UPDATED 7/8 at 8 am -


All area wildfires are now placed in monitor status.  We will update this section if and when new information is released.

Galena Volunteer Fire Department would like to remind everyone to be very careful with any outdoor burning that you do. Keep within the confines of a burn pit or barrel, and never leave a fire unattended. 



UPDATE: The City of Galena Water Department's boil water notice is still in effect for those on the piped water system in New Town. Please boil your water for two minutes before using it for drinking, food preparation, cooking, and washing dishes.  Initial testing from the state showed good results but more tests need to be performed before the notice is lifted. (7/14)


VISTA Volunteers, Paul and Jennifer Hixson, will be visiting Galena and would like to have a reunion of Galena friends from 1968. They helped work on the Native Land Claims Act and other events. E-mail if you want to participate. Their arrival will be July 24th and will be in the area for three days. They have shared numerous photos of children, events and the communities of Nulato and Galena. Here are the pictures.



The children’s beading class is still going on at the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena on Wednesdays from 2-3:30pm through the month of July.  Any questions call Heidi McClure at the clinic. 907-656-1366 ext. 5332.



Galena Bible Church's Vacation Bible School will be Wednesday, July 25th through Friday, July 27th from 1pm until 6pm daily. Pre-K through 6th graders are welcome and dinner will be provided. For more info contact Pastor Chris 907-656-7164. (7/15)



Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center's Medical Director Dr. Angelica Ramirez, Lab Director Stephen Duprey and Lead Medical Lab Scientist Toni Higgins will be in Galena Tuesday, July 17th at the Edgar Nollner Health Center for a meet and greet luncheon at 12pm. Everyone is invited.  Please bring a dish to share. Any questions call 656-1366 option 2.



It's not too late to register to vote in the State of Alaska Primary Election, which will happen on August 21st. You have until July 22nd to register. It is easy to do. Just stop by your local city offices or go on line at


The City of Galena is having furniture giveaway today, July 16 at 1pm at the Airport Fire Hall. Supplies are limited.


Construction at the Galena Airport continues. Most of the work is affecting pilots, but KIYU will report on all progress. All airport construction work is scheduled to occur between the hours of 8pm and 8am, from now through the end of the month. There is a new update as of July 9th for pilots here. The contractor will be closing the west end of the dyke road in Galena each night from 8 pm to 8 am due to construction traffic until further notice.


There will be road work at Campion Road at Beaver Creek. They are replacing the culvert. Regular traffic is expected initially but road closures will occur. Be cautious and watch for grade transitions, equipment and personnel.  For more information, contact either the Alaska Department of Transportation at 907-434-2508 or Cruz Construction at 907-982-5145. (6/29)


The Rural Alaska Community Action Program (RurAL CAP) and the Koyukuk Tribal Council are seeking a young adult (18 years old or older) to become a Resilient Alaska Youth AmeriCorps member in Koyukuk. The successful candidate should model the AmeriCorps ethic of community and responsibility by showing a commitment to improving the lives of others, and an interest in learning new skills. This person will perform duties in cooperation with the Koyukuk Tribal Staff to build youth resiliency through planned culturally-enriched, safe and healthy activities. The deadline to apply is July 30th and the position starts in September and lasts 11 months. For further information and application e-mail Leilani Luhrs at or call Laurie at the Koyukuk Tribal Office at 907-927-2253. (6/19)



**HERE** is the 2017-18 GCSD Activities Calendar.

Video coverage of games at the SHS gym in Galena are archived at this link.

Download the free KIYU App for easy access to our streams! Just search KIYU Radio on your app store.


Stay tuned!



UPDATED (7/5) Tanana Chiefs Conference currently has the following job openings across the region:


Community Health Aide/Practitioner 


Family Visitor


Behavioral Health Clinical Associate

Intake Services Coordinator


Substitute Elder Nutrition Cook


Village Public Safety Officer 

Substitute Elder Nutrition Cook


Community Health Aides/Practitioners

Village Public Safety Officer 

Substitute Elder Nutrition Cook


Village Public Safety Officer 

Region Wide

Community Health Aide/Practitioner

Itinerant Clinician

Rural Clinic Operations Manager

Tribal Transportation Intern


To inquire about any of the job openings, contact the Tanana Chiefs HR department by calling 1-800-478-6822 Ext. 3155, email, or visit (updated 4/25)


UPDATED 7/12/18-The following job openings are available in St. Mary's:

Dental Health Aide Therapist


Home Care Providers

Accounting Technician

On-Call Cargo Ramper and Front Desk work for RAVN

Protective Service Specialist

General Clerk and a Foreman for Crowley

On-call BINGO worker

Behavioral Health Clinician

and more here.

Call Sylvia at (907)438-2328 for details.


Louden Tribal Council in Galena is seeking a project manager to oversee the construction of the new tribal office from conception to completion. This person will be responsible for budgeting, organization, implementation and scheduling of the project. Here are more details. Contact Louden for more information at 656-1711. (6/27)


The Galena Liquor Store has a Clerk position open. The position is for the 3:30pm-11:30pm Monday-Friday shift. Applicants must be 21 years of age. Pay depends on experience. Applications available at the checkout. Resumes are also accepted. (7/4)



FOUND: On the bike trail, near the dike, a 2" trailer ball. Call or come by the station to claim. (7/5)


FOUND (at the ball field): A diabetic testing kit. Call KIYU to describe and claim. (7/9)


*** PLEASE NOTE, any classified ad two weeks or older will be removed so please try and keep us informed when something is sold or a need has been met.  Thanks!




HERE is the 2017-18 GCSD School Calendar.  HERE is the 2017-18 GCSD Bus Schedule. HERE is the 2017-18 GCSD Activities Calendar.


Here is the Galena Hawks Highlights event planner. This calendar was put together so you can plan your activities and events months ahead of time. Send event notices to or come to the SHS office during school hours. For detailed information about upcoming events, check here on the Wireless Page.


Updated Galena Community Pool Schedule


The pool schedule for Summer 2018 is:

Open Swim

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from: 7 - 8:30 pm

Morning lap swim

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6 – 7:30 am

Afternoon Lap Swim
Tuesday & Thursday 5 - 6:30pm

Masters swim

Saturday 8 - 9:30 am


*Workout room is open for use during open and lap swims.

* The pool use fee $5.00/use.  Discounts will be offered for prepayment in the following amounts: 13 swims for $50; 26 swims for $100; and 40 swims for $150.   Patrons can continue to use already purchased prepaid swims until they are gone.  The price increase is still cheaper than many rural pools in the state, and will help to offset increased cost of facility

*Children 5 and under MUST have a parent or guardian 14 years of age or older with them. 

Charles Evans Community Library in Galena

The Community Library is open for use this summer Monday thru Thursday from 1pm-4pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come in and find some summer reading material. 


  The Galena City School District SHS and GILA 2017-2018 school calendar is available for viewing here.

UPDATED May 2018- Here is an updated listing of privately owned lodging establishments in Galena along with those that offer vehicle rentals. Please feel free to share this resource with those needing short or long term, temporary lodging or transportation. If you offer these services we can list them. Please e-mail us at so we can post it on-line.


Galena Emergency Numbers

Clinic: 656.1266 (emergency), 656-1366, option 2 (appointments and non-emergencies)

Fire Department:  911

Police Department:  656-7337 or 656-0911

Alaska State Troopers (statewide, toll free ):  1 (800) 811-0911

Airport Police (statewide, toll free):  1 (877) 847-4342




For villages out of Galena that are interested in ARCS TV service call KIYU at (907) 656-1488 and we'll get you in touch with those that can assist you.


The Food Section




Summer hours are now in effect.  The Coffee Shop is open from 10 am to 2 pm each weekday, 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, and for burger nights from 5 to 7 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Specials for July 16th- July 21st, 2018


Chicken Salad Pita w/Seasoned Rice


Thai Noodles w/Chicken   


Nachos Supreme   


French Dip Hoagie w/Mac Salad    


Clam Chowder or Pizza


Open 11am-2pm

Phone number: 656-2505. You can place orders ahead of time by phone so it's ready for pickup when you arrive.

Credit card payments are only accepted when starting an account.  No personal checks.


Breakfast and Lunch menu for the Yukon-Koyukuk School District.