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Tuesday, November 24th, 2020


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Tuesday, November 24th, 2020       



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NEW - Dave Patty will be hosting a Thanksgiving Greeting call-in show on Thursday from 1 to 3 pm here on KIYU. The number to call will be 656-5498, or 1-800-478-KIYU. (11/23)


KIYU has a new listener survey out, focusing on the Yukon Wireless but also asking about other types of programming on the radio. It's only 10 questions long and takes just a few minutes. You can only access it online as a Google Form at this link:



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NEW - The City of Galena, Edgar Nollner Health Center and Louden Tribal Council will host an urgent Galena town hall meeting today (Tuesday) starting at 4 pm on Zoom or over the phone. The meeting with share the latest information regarding the COVID situation in the area, and look ahead to challenges posed by the holidays and shortages of testing supplies. All are welcome to attend and participate in the meeting. The Zoom information, including the call-in options to connect via phone, are listed below.

The Power Point presentation that Dr. Huntington will be sharing is available here.

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 993 1438 5087

Passcode: 593306

To connect by phone, have the meeting ID and passcode handy, and call 1-888 475 4499 or 1-877 853 5257 (Toll Free).






COVID-19 Coronavirus-related announcements - organized by community



NEW - Due to the shortage of test kits across the state, travelers to Galena should anticipate a 14 day shelter in place period upon arrival, rather than a 7 day shelter in place period with testing at the end of 7 days. The clinic will attempt to honor those already scheduled for testing through Nov 25th, but they do not anticipate having enough testing supplies to continue post-travel testing beyond that date. Please plan accordingly. (11/23)


NEW - Dr Tamara A Huntington from the Edgar Nollner Health Center will be one of the guests on a TCC region wide COVID radio talk show tomorrow (Tuesday) starting at 11 am, and produced by KRFF Fairbanks.

NEW - The Edgar Nollner Health Center would like to inform you that the dentist will be visiting the clinic next week, from November 30th to December 4th. Call 656-1366 for information or to schedule an appointment.

NEW - The Edgar Nollner Health Center would like to remind the community of Galena that coronavirus infection rates have been dramatically escalating around the state, putting our community at increased risk. The state is under a new 30 day disaster declaration. To continue to protect ourselves and each other, the ENHC urges everyone to wear masks, practice social distancing, wash hands, and minimize travel.

With the recent family losses, and upcoming holidays, many people will be inclined to gather, but it is safest if gatherings are held virtually, or outdoors, or kept to very small groups. Consider supporting elders and neighbors by calling them, delivering food to them, or helping them access technology for virtual connection. Those who would typically travel for the holidays should be aware that COVID19 test access may change without warning, and that communities may undergo shelter-in-place mandates which could impact planned travel.

Finally, the ENHC would like encourage families to evaluate their emergency readiness, and prepare for possible quarantines.

Everyone is invited to contact behavioral health services for assistance with stress, grief, or feelings of isolation, depression or anxiety.

Other resources online: (11/19)

NEW - The Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena will be closed next Thursday (November 26th) and Friday (November 27th) for the Thanksgiving holiday. The ENHC will not be conducting COVID testing during that time. Normal clinic hours resume on Monday, November 30. As always, to report a medical emergency during non-business hours, please call 656-1266.(11/18)


NEW - The Galena City Council passed Ordinance 2021-14 at its meeting on Tuesday by a vote of 5 to 1. The ordinance makes the face mask requirement a permanent part of city code, which takes effect whenever a public health emergency is declared. Face masks are required in any facility in Galena that is generally open to the public, including both publically and privately owned facilities. (11/18)


The Galena City Council passed the following emergency ordinances at its November 11 meeting:

These ordinances continue Galena's COVID policies as they have been practiced for the past few months. Final versions of the emergency ordinances are posted below.

Signed versions of Ordinances 2021-12 and 2021-13 are posted here.

As emergency ordinances, these laws are in place for 60 days after the time they were passed, unless otherwise modified, replaced, or renewed by the City Council before then. (11/12)


SHS and GILA in Galena remain in the "yellow zone" and will continue to practice the same COVID-19 prevention and control procedures as they have all school year. State officials have confirmed that in-person education can continue in certain communities, like Galena, so long as it is safe to do so. GCSD will continue to follow its Smart Start Plan in consultation with local medical authorities. (updated November 12)


The current travel declaration form for Galena is available here. (updated September 17).


The City of Galena reminds all Galena residents and visitors who are under a shelter in place order that they are not allowed to go into indoor public spaces like the post office or a store, nor can they be in close contact with anyone from outside of his or her household. (10/22)


Sweetsir's Store is open for in-store shopping. The store continues to accept phone orders at 656-1223 for pick-up or delivery. (10/6)


The Edgar Nollner Health Center and the City of Galena remind all travelers that testing is not a substitute for quarantining after travel. This is because someone could be infected by the virus and still test negative, if there are not enough viral components in the nose to be picked up by the COVID-19 test. The purpose of the quarantine period is to prevent someone from spreading the virus to other people during the time when the infected person has the virus but doesn't know it. (9/7)


The Edgar Nollner Health Center is available to assist with all your health needs and might be able to help patients avoid medical-related travel to see specialists. The ENHC has several types of video equipment that are compatible with most distance delivery options around the state. If you would like to see your specialist without leaving Galena, you can schedule a time to use that equipment for your appointment.



UPDATED - Nulato remains on lockdown. All city travel must be approved by the Task Force Committee. The ban on inter-village travel continues. Please contact Kathy Ekada at 898-2339 or 417-7030 if you have any questions. (11/3)



UPDATED - The community of Kaltag remains on lockdown until at least December 15th, when the Kaltag Task Force will hold its next meeting. No travel in or out of the village will be allowed, unless it is a medical emergency. For further information, you can contact Kaltag Task Force Coordinator Gina Madros or Coordinator Assistant Dinah Andre at 534-2305. (11/4)



Other villages

If you want to post your village's current coronavirus control policies here on the Yukon Wireless, please email them to (7/11)




NEW - Galena high school seniors, listen up! The first Senior Class meeting is Tuesday, November 24th at 6:30 PM. Calendar invites for TEAMS were sent to your emails. SHS seniors can attend in person at Mrs. Wightman's classroom.


NEW - Galena Coffee Shop is cookin'! Monday Chicken Wraps w/Mac Salad; Tuesday Homemade Lasagna w/Garlic Knots; Wednesday Nachos Supreme or Indian Tacos; Thursday- Closed Thanksgiving Blessings to All!!; Friday 11am-2pm for your coffee needs ;Saturday 11am-2pm; Burger Night on Saturday only 5-7p


The City of Galena office and the Louden Tribal Council will be closed this Thursday and Friday (November 26-27) due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Regular business hours return on Monday November 30th. Please schedule your water and sewer services accordingly. (11/19)


NEW - The Sidney C Huntington School Parent Advisory Committee has a few more community events planned. This weekend, on Saturday November 28, there will be a trail walk starting at 1 pm at the intersection of Louden Loop and Campion Road. Snowshoes are optional, and extra snowshoes will be available to borrow. Then on Saturday, December 5th, there will be a game of family cherades at 1 pm in front of the bank of windows at the Elders' Center. Contact Jenna Berkey at 656-7118 or Ayla Kalke at 656-2728 with any questions. (11/23)


NEW - Louden Tribal Council is pleased to announce the return of the aluminum can recycling program in Galena. Bags of clean cans can be left in the designated drop-off cage outside of the LTC Office. Please take the time to rinse and ry the cans before putting them in bags and leaving them in the designated drop off area. Plastic is NOT being accepted at this time. Feel free to call Brooke at 656-1711 with questions or for information on COVID precautions. (11/23)


The Galena emergency contact numbers have to change again. Please note the following changes:


Crowley Fuels would like to share the following fuel tank safety tips. Before you get a delivery of fuel, make sure your driveway is plowed or shoveled. Clean snow and ice covering your tank’s ladder, fill ports and vents. Knock down snow or ice overhanging your tank. And check your fuel and propane inventory to make sure you have enough. Thank you for helping keep our community safe and warm. (11/17)


The Galena Holiday Craft Fair is happening December 5 from noon to 2 pm at the high school gym. Call 656-7044 to reserve a table by 11/30/20 at 5pm. For more information, see this flyer. (11/10)






The Galena City School District Board of Education approved a modified version of the school calendar for the current school year. To see the new version, as approved on October 21, follow this link. (10/24)


The Galena City School District has revised the pay schedule for substitute teachers. See the new rates, as approved by the school board at its October 21 meeting, in this document. (10/22)


Galena Restoration Advisory Board meetings regarding Air Force environmental cleanup and monitoring activities have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19. The Air Force Civil Engineering Center has produced a newsletter summarizing recent activities, and that newsletter is available here. (10/14)


The Galena City School District reminds Galena drivers to be extremely careful when approaching a school bus, especially when the bus is stopped. Students may be getting onto or out of the bus. Alaska law states that drivers approaching a school bus from the rear may not pass the school bus when red signal lights are flashing, and shall bring their vehicles to a complete stop before reaching the school bus when it is stopped. Drivers shall remain stopped until the bus's stop sign is retracted, the flashing red lights are discontinued and the school bus resumes motion, or until signaled by the bus driver to proceed. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping kids safe. (10/15)


In an effort to prevent the possible spread of the corona virus in such a tight indoor environment, Galena Hardware is not allow customers into the store for any reason. All orders must be placed for pickup only, and there is a designated area just outside the store for customers to pick up a hardware order.

Also, Galena Hardware will no longer accept cash as a form of payment. Customers have the option of setting up a store credit account by paying with a credit/debit card and putting money down ahead of anticipated purchases. They can also mail a check or money order (made payable to Galena Hardware) to PO Box 157 for the same purpose. Customers are encouraged to call in orders to 656-8636 Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 1 to 5 pm. Once placed, orders should be picked up promptly.

Galena Hardware apologizes for any inconvenience that this causes and appreciates your business. (7/14)


Wright Air Service has a mandatory face mask policy for all passengers on all flights, and for all staff, passengers and visitors at the waiting room in Fairbanks.

Major retailers with stores in Fairbanks that require all customers to wear a face mask include Costco, Fred Meyer and Walmart. (7/22)


The Dental Department at the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena is open and seeing patients for routine care, which includes exams, simple cleanings and fillings, as well as emergency evaluations. Please call 656-1366 extension 5336 in advance to make an appointment. (7/6)


Koyukon language coloring pages from Jennessa Miller at the Galena Behavioral Health Department are ready for download here.

And here, and here, and here, and also here, and here.

If you would like to color a page for the Elders' Center, have someone over the age of 16 drop it off at Sweetsir's Store. (5/14)


The Galena Police Department reminds residents that parking vehicles on public roadways is illegal under city ordinances. By creating bottlenecks, parked cars make it difficult for the grader, firetrucks, and city utility trucks to do their jobs. The Police Department will start to issue tickets to violators. If you have any questions contact the Police Department at 656-2177. (5/21)






(Updated 11/4) The Galena City School District has the following job openings:


Assistant Superintendent
Accounts Payable
Computer Technician
Coaching and Advisors
GILA Dorm Aide


Clerical II (Fairbanks)
Computer Technician (Fairbanks)
Special Education Contact Teacher (flexible)
iGrad Contact Teacher (flexible)
Contact Teacher (Wasilla)

For more information, see the Galena City School District employment page.





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Conchetta's Custom Cakes in Galena is accepting orders to help you celebrate an upcoming birthday, anniversary or other special event. To find out more or to place an order, contact Sable at 656-7066 or email (7/1)



*** PLEASE NOTE, any lost and found notice more than two weeks old will be removed, so please try and keep us informed when owners and items have been joyfully reunited.  Thanks!


nothing at the moment





UPDATED 2020 Galena Pool Schedule

Lap swims:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 to 6 pm.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 am.


UPDATED SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 - Here is a listing of privately-owned lodging establishments and vehicle rental businesses in Galena. Please feel free to share this resource with those needing short or long term, temporary lodging or transportation. If you offer these services, and wish to be added to the list, please e-mail us at so we can post it online.



Galena Emergency Numbers UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020

Police: 911

Police non-emergency office line is 656-2177.

Fire Department: 656-0911

Medical: 656-1266 (emergency). The non-emergency line is 656-1366.

Tanana Chiefs Conference After-Hours Triage Nurse: 1-800-478-6682 (for times when clinic is closed or a local on-call provider is not available)

Behavioral Health Emergency Line: 656-7199

Alaska State Troopers (statewide, toll free ):  1 (800) 811-0911

Airport Police (statewide, toll free):  1 (877) 847-4342





For villages out of Galena that are interested in ARCS TV service call KIYU at (907) 656-1488 and we'll get you in touch with those that can assist you.


The Food Section




UPDATED November 2 - Open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 2 pm, and Saturdays 11 am to 2 pm. Also open for Burger Nights on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5 to 7 pm, except when cancelled as noted below. Call 656-2505 ahead of time to place orders.


November 23 - November 28


Chicken Wraps w/Mac Salad


Homemade Lasagna w/Garlic Knots


Nachos Supreme or Indian Tacos




Open 11am-2pm for your coffee needs, no burger night


5-7 pm for burger night

Sunday - Closed



--you can download the November 2020 breakfast menu here, and the November 2020 lunch menu here.



-download a copy of the menu for November 2020 here.




November 2020 Breakfast Menu

November 2020 Lunch Menu

November 2020 Dinner Menu