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Sunday, July 21st, 2019


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SUNDAY, JULY 21st, 2019                    



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Radiolab is now part of the KIYU programming lineup, airing on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm. This award-winning show from WNYC in New York explores a variety of topics, mainly related to science, with a creative and unique storytelling style.

Also out of the Big Apple, the New Yorker Radio Hour joins the schedule on Sundays in the 12 noon hour.


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With information and map imagery from BLM - Alaska Fire Service
Updated Friday, July 19th (attempts to update for Saturday, July 20 were unsuccessful due to problems with BLM's websites)

Lightning strikes on Wednesday caused two new fires around Ruby.

The Little Creek Fire is only about 6 miles southeast of the Ruby Airport, in between Big Creek and Little Boulder Creek, and has burned 200 acres already. It was discovered via satellite infrared imagery on Thursday, and is in a full suppression area. Two crews of smokejumpers were deployed, along with multiple firefighting aircraft.

The Bear Creek Fire is north of the upper end of Whakatna Creek - about 13 miles northwest of Ruby, and 9 miles northeast of the Yuki. The fire is approximately 150 acres in size, burning in a black spruce and hardwood mix in the hills. No values are at risk. It is located in a limited management area, so it will only be monitored at this time.

There is a new fire across the river from Tanana. The Boney Creek Fire was started by lightning on Thursday, and was first estimated at 45 acres. It is about 10 miles southwest of Tanana along the lower end of Boney Creek in a full suppression area. A crew of smokejumpers with firefighting aircraft started working on the fire on Thursday.


Lightning strikes caused a series of new fires in the lower Koyukuk area on Tuesday. The Koyukuk River Fire is about 3 miles east of Long Stretch, and was first estimated at 8 acres on Tuesday. By Friday it has burned around 78 acres in total. It is burning in an area dominated by black spruce, with bogs surrounding the fire. So there is a low potential for growth.

The Nogadeneoda Lake Fire is about 4 miles west of Coffee Can Lake. Satellite imagery puts the size of the fire at 17 acres as of Friday. The fire is burning in an area dominated by black spruce and is located in a limited management area. There are no values at risk and the fire was placed in monitor status. It started on July 16 due to lightning, and is growing relatively slowly.

The Louis Lake Fire has burned around 1300 acres, about 9 miles east of the Koyukuk River and 6 miles east of the Bitza River. It is located in a limited management area. There are no values at risk and the fire is in monitor status.

The Hodatic River Fire is located near the lower end of Three Day Slough. Satellite mapping puts its size at 8200 acres as of Thursday afternoon. It was moving through old burn scars but is not spreading along or up to Three Day Slough. The fire is still about 5 miles east of the Kateel River as of Friday morning's report.

The Holtnakatna Creek Fire is holding at around 5 acres in size. It started on Tuesday due to lightning, about 35 miles northeast of Galena, near the mouth of the Holtnakatna at the Dulbi River. Six smoke jumpers were delivered to the fire on Tuesday night, and along with firefighting aircraft they knocked the fire down quickly.

The Pitka River Fire started on Sunday, and is burning in the hills between the Pitka and Honhosa Rivers, about 10 miles west of the Koyukuk River and 45 miles southwest of Huslia. The fire was first estimated at 300 acres, and infrared satellite imagery on Thursday shows it growing westward into the hills.

In the Huslia area, firefighters are on the ground at the Nayuka River Fire, located about 13 miles east of Huslia. It has burned around 140 acres as of Wednesday. It is in a modified management area with numerous small lakes and sloughs to keep it boxed in. Some interior hot spots were found on Thursday and will require another day of mop up. 41 people are assigned to the firefighting effort, as of Friday.

Tom Cook Slough Fires #1 and #2 are located around 15 miles north of Huslia, about 2 miles east of the Huslia River. They started due to lightning strikes on the weekend of July 12-14. The fires have grown to over 4100 acres, as of Friday. Both fires are located in a Modified management area. There is one allotment in the vacinity of the fire (along the Huslia River), but there are natural barriers in between the fire and allotment.


A new estimate of the Bergman Creek Fire puts it at around 39,000 acres due to more accurate mapping. It is located in the upper Koyukuk area about 21 miles southwest of Allakaket, and 26 miles northeast of Hughes, on the east side of the Koyukuk River near the old Arctic City settlement. Fire was active primarily on south and southwest sides of fire on Thursday. All preparations are complete to protect allotments on the fire side of the rivers.

The Little Mud Fire has burned about 72,500 acres on the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge, 15 miles east of the Nowitna River, and 13 miles south of the Yukon. It's mostly burning in the hills north of the upper Little Mud River, but some fire has crossed to the south side of the Little Mud as well. It started on June 21 due to a lightning strike. The fire is in monitor status.

The main smoke producer for the western Interior is the Old Grouch Top Fire, located on the Iditarod Trail between Ophir and Iditarod. Two fires in the area joined earlier this month, and have burned a total of around 281,000 acres. The fire is in monitor status. It started due to lightning back on June 5.

Another smoke producer is the North River Fire, which has consumed about 101,000 acres, as of July 15, on the eastern Seward Peninsula and western side of the Nulato Hills, 24 miles northeast of Koyuk. The fire is in monitor status.

There are currently 45 active fires in the Galena Zone.

Get more information, including daily fire activity reports and maps, at the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center website.




With information from the Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center
Updated Friday, July 19

For Friday July 19 through Sunday, July 21:

Koyukuk River should see falling water levels.

The Yukon River should generally be dropping from Circle all the way down to the lower river, though a small rise might happen at Tanana and the Dalton Highway Bridge Friday and Saturday.

Tanana River is expected to drop at Nenana and Fairbanks.





With information from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Updated July 20th at 7 am:

The 2019 Yukon River king run appears to be the second strongest run in the last decade. The sonar estimate for kings at Pilot Station, as of July 16, was around 211,000 fish, which is about 20 percent higher than the ten-year average for that date. The third pulse of king salmon was the largest pulse this year, with close to 85,000 fish passing Pilot Station. The third pulse should reach Circle by the beginning of next week.

Escapement goals for kings have been reached or exceeded at Pilot Station and the East Fork of the Andreafsky. Other escapement counts for both kings and summer chum are coming in below average at this point in the run. The Eagle sonar estimate for Canadian escapement of king salmon is 7500 fish as of July 17 - which is only about 30 percent of the 5-year average escapement count for this time.

The 2019 Yukon summer chum run is over the upper end of the drainage-wide escapement goal of 1.2 million fish. About 196,000 summer chum have been harvested commercially in Districts 1 and 2 so far this season - one of the lowest commercial harvests in many years, due to the weakness of the chum run through most of the month of June. Strong numbers of summer chum from the third and fourth pulses, which totaled around 900,000 fish past the Pilot Station sonar, are moving through the middle Yukon area this week.

The 2019 Yukon fall chum preseason projection is for a run size of 500,000 to 750,000 fish. A run within this range is expected to provide for escapement and subsistence needs, and possibly support a commercial harvest.

In-season salmon management teleconferences hosted by Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association will be held every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. To participate, call (800) 315-6338, and enter code: YUKON# (98566#).

Subsistence Fishing Schedule:

**The maximum gillnet mesh size for subsistence fishing throughout the Yukon drainage right now is 7.5 inches.**

District 2 (including St Mary's): Subsistence salmon fishing is now on the fall season schedule, which allows subsistence fishing 24 hours a day, 7 days per week except for 12 hours before, during, and 12 hours after any commercial fishing period.

District 4 (including Kaltag, Nulato, Koyukuk, Bishop Mountain, Galena and Ruby): Subsistence salmon fishing is currently closed. The normal windowed subsistence fishing schedule is in effect, which allows fishing during two 48-hour periods per week: 6 p.m. Sundays to 6 p.m. Tuesdays, and 6 p.m. Wednesdays to 6 p.m. Fridays. Driftnets can be used in District 4 whenever subsistence salmon fishing is open during the summer or fall seasons.

Subdistricts 5-A, 5-B, and 5-C (including Tanana and Rampart): Subsistence salmon fishing is currently open. The schedule includes two 48-hour openers per week: 6 p.m. Tuesdays to 6 p.m. Thursdays, and from 6 p.m. Fridays to 6 p.m. Sundays.

Subdistricts 6-A and 6-B (including Manley, Minto, and Nenana): Subsistence salmon fishing is currently open. Subsistence fishing is now on the normal windowed schedule, allowing fishing during two, 42-hour openers a week: 6 pm Fridays to 12 noon Sundays, and from 6 pm Mondays to 12 noon Wednesdays.

Old Minto Area: Subsistence fishing is open. The schedule allows subsistence fishing 5 days per week, from 6 p.m. Fridays until 6 p.m. Wednesdays.

Koyukuk and Kantishna Rivers remain open for subsistence fishing 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

During subsistence salmon fishing closures, fishermen may continue to use gillnets with 4 inch or smaller mesh size to target non-salmon species.

Commercial Fishing Schedule

In District 2 (including St Mary's):

No openings are scheduled at this time.





NEW - The Galena City Council will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, July 23 at 6 pm in council chambers. The agenda for the meeting is available here.




UPDATED - The Galena Volunteer Fire Department would like to strongly encourage listeners to continue to refrain from all outdoor burning, such as the burning of yard waste and bonfires, until further notice. Even with recent rainfall, the area is still relatively dry, and relatively brief periods of sunshine and wind can make ground fuels ready to burn again. (7/12)

The Alaska State Fire Marshal, under the authority of state law, has banned the sale and use of fireworks until further notice across much of Alaska, including most of the Interior, due to the risk of starting wildfires. (6/28)

NEW - A three day Training for Teachers workshop on Positive Indian Parenting is planned for next Tuesday through Thursday (July 23-25) in Kaltag.  Representatives from the National Indian Child Welfare Association will be conducting the training.  Participants will receive certification and be able to conduct the training to others.  Please contact Violet Burnham at 534-2398 if you plan on attending, or if you have any questions. (7/19)  

Water Treatment Plant #1 in new town Galena has exceeded the drinking water maximum contaminant level for haloacetic acids, which are a byproduct of the water disinfection process. People who drink water with excessive levels of haloacetic acids over long periods of time are at an increased risk of getting cancer. The average of haloacetic acid levels over the past year violates the maximum contaminant level; however, the samples from the past three months are below the MCL.

You can read the full advisory on haloacetic acid levels here. (7/15)


US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Charles Evans Community Library in Galena present an introduction to landscape and wildlife painting for adults on Sunday, July 21 from 2 to 4 pm. Beginners and experienced artists alike are welcome and encouraged to attend. (7/16)


The City of Galena asks that no one deposit fish waste in the city dumpsters. Instead, they recommend returning fish parts to the river, or disposing of them at the city landfill. The City thanks you for your cooperation. (7/9)


Summer school is underway at the Sidney Huntington School in Galena. It meets each weekday from now through August 2nd from 9 am to noon in Mrs. Galuska's classroom - across the hallway from the district office and around the corner from the community library. (7/8)



The City of Galena is seeking bids for goods and services related to the installation of a boiler and unit heaters in two bays of the Galena Airport Fire Hall. The proposal must cover the cost of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, tools, supervision, and other facitities necessary to perform the desired services. All bids must be received by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, July 22. Bids received after this deadline will not be considered. For more information, contact City Manager Shanda Huntington at 656-1301. (7/2)

Louden Tribal Council in Galena is soliciting sealed bids from qualified contractors for the crushing and disposal of junk vehicles in Galena. Prospective bidders must be capable of draining all fluid from vehicles according to state regulations, removing tires and batteries, crushing junk vehicles to at least 1⁄3 of its original volume, and transporting crushed cars to the Galena Landfill. Bids are due on Monday, July 22nd at Louden Tribal Council offices in Galena, or sent by email before that date to For more information, see this bid request document or contact Luis at Louden by calling 656-1711. (7/10)


The Tanana Chiefs Conference Prenatal to Five Head Start program is now enrolling for the Fall of 2019. All children from birth to 5 years of age are welcome into the program, and 10% of the slots are reserved for children with special needs. Over 200 children in the TCC region are served with a center-based program, a home-based program or both. Note that when a child graduates from Early Head Start (age 0-3) and wants to go on to 3-5 year old Head Start, he or she will need to re-enroll.

Call Tanya Yatlin with the TCC Prenatal to Five Head Start Program for more information. Call 1-800-478-6822 ext. 3469, or check out the TCC website and look in the Family Services section. (6/14)


Youth beading classes at the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena happen each Wednesday from 1-3pm through July 31st. Supplies are provided for the kids, and adults are welcome to bring their projects and work alongside the kids. Any children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (5/30)

The Galena Recycling Program is operational. There are bins at the stores, the schools, Louden, and the ballfield. The program accepts aluminum cans, and #1 plastic (usually clear plastic, like that used for soda bottles). Please rinse and crush your cans, and crush and recap your plastic bottles.  If you would like your recyclables picked up from your porch on Sunday afternoons, call Dr. Huntington at 656-7223 to sign up.  If you find that a public bin is full, call Louden at 656-1711.



Download our free app for easy access to our streams! Just search KIYU Radio on your app store.




Louden Tribal Council in Galena has full-time jobs open for an Environmental Coordinator and Environmental Assistant. These positions will be open until filled. Full job descriptions are here.

Louden also has a position open for an accountant. A high school diploma or GED, and at least 3 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting procedures, are required. The full job description is available here.

Contact Louden at 656-1711 for more information about any of these jobs. (7/12)

The Koyukuk Tribal Council has a job opening for an Education/Employment Technician. For more information or to get an application, please call Laurie at 927-2253 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. (7/15)


NEW - The U.S. Postal Service is hiring for two sales associates in Galena. For more information and to apply go USPS website If you need more assistance, talk to Robin at 656-1262. (7/17) 


Ravn Alaska has a part time job open for a customer service agent in Galena. Qualifications include a high school diploma or GED and a valid Alaska driver's license. To apply, email or fax a current resume and Ravn employment application to 1-800-616-5081. To find out more or get the application, go to Ravn's website (click here to go to the Ravn employment page). The position is open until filled. (6/28)

KIYU has a part time job open for a bookkeeper. Computer experience with Microsoft Word and Excel and Intuit QuickBooks is required. For more information please call KIYU at 656-1488 or email (6/13)


UPDATED (7/18) Tanana Chiefs Conference currently has the following job openings across the region:

Community Health Aide/Practitioner
Family Visitor

Community Health Aide/Practitioner

Early Head Start Cook

Family Visitor
Elder Nutrition Cook

Family Visitor
Village Public Safety Officer

Family Visitor
Community Health Aide/Practitioner

Itinerant Community Health Aide/Practitioner

Behavioral Health Aide
Village Public Safety Officer

Village Public Safety Officer

Village Public Safety Officer


Region Wide

Healthy Transitions Project Manager
Itinerant Behavioral Health Clinician
Medical Coder
Wild Land Firefighter Type II Crew Member


To apply, contact the Tanana Chiefs HR department by calling 1-800-478-6822 Ext. 3155, email, or visit their website at


UPDATED JULY 18 - Here is the current job list for St Mary's and Pitkas Point. Full job descriptions are available at the Tribal Workforce Development office in the old library. Call Sylvia for details at 438-2328.

AVCP Incorporated VPSO Full-Time St. Mary's TWD Office/Alexsys/On-line
AVCP Incorporated ICWA CFSS II Subregional Full-Time St. Mary's TWD Office/Alexsys/On-line
AVCP Incorporated VPSO   Pitka's Point  
City of St. Mary's VPO Full-Time St. Mary's City Office
Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation Patient Registration Clerk Full-Time St. Mary's Online 
Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation Dental Health Aide Therapist Full-Time St. Mary's Online
Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation Certified Health Partitionar Part-time St. Mary's Online
Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation Direct Care Provider Full-Time St. Mary's Online
Yukon Kuskokwin Health CHAP Nursing Asst. Full-Time St. Mary's Online
Yukon Kuskokwin Health Phelbotomist Temp St. Mary's online
Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation CHAP Nursing Asst. Part-time St. Mary's Online
ATWC On-Call Bingo Worker On-Call St. Mary's TWD Office/ATWC
ResCare Alaska Home Care varies St. Mary's online 
Access Alaska Home Care varies St. Mary's online
Ravn On Call CSA Front Desk On-Call St. Mary's Ravn/TWD Office/on line
Ravn On Call Ramper On-Call St. Mary's Ravn/TWD Office/on line
Algaaciq Housing Director Full-Time St. Mary's Algaaciq/TWD office
US Postal Service Sales and Distribution Associate varies St Mary's online or at TWD
US Census Bureau Field Representative Part-time St. Mary's Online




NEW - LOST: In Galena, a black Nokia cell phone with cracked screen. There is a reward if it is returned. Call 656-2781 if found. (7/19)




*** PLEASE NOTE, any classified ad two weeks or older will be removed so please try and keep us informed when something is sold or a need has been met.  Thanks!


FOR SALE: The City of Galena has twin beds with box springs for sale for $240 a bed. Contact the City if you would like to purchase. (7/15)



The 2019-20 Galena City School District School Year Calendar is now posted here.  


Stay tuned for the 2019-20 GCSD Bus Schedule.



Here is the Galena Hawks Highlights event planner. This calendar was put together so you can plan your activities and events months ahead of time. Send event notices to or come to the SHS office during school hours. For detailed information about upcoming events, check here on the Wireless Page.

The Galena Liquor Store is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-10pm and Sunday from 12pm -10pm.




Summer 2019 Galena Pool Schedule



Open Swim

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from: 7 - 8:30 pm

Afternoon Lap Swim
Tuesday & Thursday from 5 - 6:30pm


*Workout room is open for use during open and lap swims.

* The pool use fee $5.00/use.  Discounts will be offered for prepayment in the following amounts: 13 swims for $50; 26 swims for $100; and 40 swims for $150.   Patrons can continue to use already purchased prepaid swims until they are gone.  The price increase is still cheaper than many rural pools in the state, and will help to offset increased cost of facility

*Children 5 and under MUST have a parent or guardian 14 years of age or older with them. 

Charles Evans Community Library in Galena

Charles Evans Community Library Summer Hours will be Monday through Thursday 1:00 pm through 4:00 pm, beginning May 23rd. Special activities for kids will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer.

UPDATED May 2018- Here is an updated listing of privately owned lodging establishments in Galena along with those that offer vehicle rentals. Please feel free to share this resource with those needing short or long term, temporary lodging or transportation. If you offer these services we can list them. Please e-mail us at so we can post it on-line.


Galena Emergency Numbers

Clinic: 656-1266 (emergency), 656-1366, option 2 (appointments and non-emergencies)

The emergency contact numbers for the Galena Fire and Police departments are as follows:

Alaska State Troopers (statewide, toll free ):  1 (800) 811-0911

Airport Police (statewide, toll free):  1 (877) 847-4342




For villages out of Galena that are interested in ARCS TV service call KIYU at (907) 656-1488 and we'll get you in touch with those that can assist you.


The Food Section




Summer hours are in effect.  The Coffee Shop is open from 10 am to 2 pm each weekday, 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, and for burger nights from 5 to 7 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Closed on Sunday.


Galena Coffee Shop specials July 15th - July 20th


Chicken Salad Wrap & Pasta Salad


French Dip /Mac Salad


Nacho supreme or Indian taco

Chicken coconut curry over rice


Homemade clam chowder & pizza


Open 11am-2pm

Phone number: 656-2505. You can place orders ahead of time by phone so it's ready for pickup when you arrive.

Credit card payments are only accepted when starting an account.  No personal checks.