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Wednesday, April 21th, 2021


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Wednesday, April 21th, 2021





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NEW - The Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee is holding their next meeting on Monday, May 3rd at 6 PM in the SHS common area. Their agenda is here. You can also attend remotely by teleconference at 1-800-315-6338 with the passcode 12053. Or, use the Zoom meeting:

Topic: IEPAC Meeting-May 3rd / Time: May 3, 2021 06:00 PM
Zoom Meeting Link / Meeting ID: 730 0084 9737 / Passcode: 99741

NEW - The Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association (YRDFA) in collaboration with Alaska Village Council Presidents (AVCP), Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC), and Yukon River Inter Tribal Fish Commission (YRITFC), will be hosting individual Yukon River fishing District Meetings prior to the usual Yukon River Salmon Management Pre-season meeting, which will be held on April 29. If you have questions and you would like to sign up for the meetings, please email with your specific fishing district, or reach out to your local Tribal Office. You will be provided a Zoom link and a toll-free call-in number. QUYANA, YRDFA

The meetings covering our areas are scheduled for:

WEDNESDAY, April 21st at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. District Y4 a,b,c – Anvik, Grayling, Kaltag, Galena, Ruby and Nulato
WEDNESDAY, April 21st at 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. District Y5 a,b,c – Tanana, Rampart, Stevens Village, Beaver, Ft. Yukon, Circle & Eagle
THURSDAY, April 22nd at 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Innoko & Koyukuk River –Shageluk, Koyukuk, Huslia, Hughes Allakaket, Alatna, Bettles

The full schedule is available here. (4/15)

NEW - The Louden Tribal Council will be holding their Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 29th at 5:00 PM at the Louden Tribal Office. They are currently accepting documentation of your intent to run for a council seat. There are two seats up for election, both three year terms. The Declaration of Candidacy forms can be picked up at the tribal office. The deadline is April 22nd at 5PM. Call them with any questions at 656-1711. Their flyer is here. (4/20)



COVID-19 Coronavirus-related announcements - organized by community




NEW - The Galena City Council did not pass Ordinance 2021-27 at its meeting on Tuesday by a vote of 3 to 3. After Friday, April 23 all travelers will no longer be required to fill out a travel declaration or submit a negative COVID-19 test before or upon arrival into Galena. The City would also like to remind everyone that the mask mandate is still in place. This requires people to wear masks in public places. Please continue to stay safe by wearing masks, hand washing, and social distancing. Please contact the City of Galena with any questions at 656-1301. (4/21)

After consulting with the local health authority and in light of the fact that there have been no further positive COVID-19 test results amongst SHS/GILA students/staff since last Wednesday, Sidney Huntington school will return to yellow with in-person education per our Smart Start Plan as of today, Thursday, April 1. If all stays quiet on the COVID-19 front between now and Saturday, April 10, SHS/GILA will move into the green per our Smart Start Plan on Sunday, April 11. Thank you for your cooperation and welcome back to school. (4/1)

Thanks to the help of a community member, Galena is happy to announce of a new website regarding all COVID-19 related information in Galena. Information will include updates from the City of Galena, the Edgar Nollner Health Center, the Galena City School District, and other miscellaneous sources. Please be patient as all information will be updated as we go along. You can check out the website at (1/31)

In case you missed it, Dr. Tamara Huntington sent over a copy of her powerpoint presentation from the COVID-19 meeting on January 26th, and it's available here. Travel Coordinator Shirley Cleaver also made a presentation, and that's available here. They wanted to thank everyone for participating and sharing your thoughts and concerns. (1/27)

The Galena City Council passed Ordinance 2021-14 at its meeting on Tuesday by a vote of 5 to 1. The ordinance makes the face mask requirement a permanent part of city code, which takes effect whenever a public health emergency is declared. Face masks are required in any facility in Galena that is generally open to the public, including both publically and privately owned facilities. (11/18)

SHS and GILA in Galena remain in the "yellow zone" and will continue to practice the same COVID-19 prevention and control procedures as they have all school year. State officials have confirmed that in-person education can continue in certain communities, like Galena, so long as it is safe to do so. GCSD will continue to follow its Smart Start Plan in consultation with local medical authorities. (updated November 12)

The Edgar Nollner Health Center is available to assist with all your health needs and might be able to help patients avoid medical-related travel to see specialists. The ENHC has several types of video equipment that are compatible with most distance delivery options around the state. If you would like to see your specialist without leaving Galena, you can schedule a time to use that equipment for your appointment.


UPDATED 3/7 - The community of Koyukuk is still on partial lockdown. Travelers to Koyukuk must fill out a travel declaration with incident commander Marilyn Roberts. For more information, Marilyn's work number is 907-927-2234 and her home number is 907-927-2304. Their declaration in full is here and here. (3/7)


UPDATED 4/15 - As of April 14th, the task force decided to lift the quarantine for everyone (Children, Unvaccinated, Vaccinated People) upon arrival into Nulato. Travel is still open for city and intervillage travel. All travelers need to practice wearing a mask, hand sanitizing and social distancing for 7 days. If you experience any flu / cold like symptoms, need to get tested . If any person in the household has tested positive, the whole household is required to quarantine for 14 days. All travel still needs to be reported. If you have any questions please contact Kathy Ekada at 898-2339, 656-7285 or 417-7030. Their latest declaration is here. (4/15)


UPDATED 3/30 - Non residents and or contractors need to contact the Kaltag Task Force to arrange travel permission. They will need proof of a negative Covid test prior to travel into Kaltag. Kaltag residents are permitted to travel for medical or essential reasons. Residents need to prearrange travel intentions with the travel coordinator. If gone for more than 72 hours the traveler is responsible for obtaining a Covid test before returning. All inter-village travel is permitted for fully vaccinated people. We don't recommend travel if not fully vaccinated. We require residents to wear masks in all places of business and the school. We recommend that use of hand sanitizer when residents return to their homes. We require that everyone maintains social distancing at all times.
We remain committed to the health and safety of the people of Kaltag to stay safe from contracting the Covid 19 virus.

For further information, you can contact Laura Saunders at the Kaltag Task Force at 534-2305. (3/30)


UPDATED 3/1 - The Council in Tanana met earlier this month, and have made changes to the community's COVID-19 policies. Masks and social distancing are still required. However, those who have been fully vaccinated do not have to quarentine upon arrival to Tanana. A seven day quarantine is still required for new arrivals who have not been vaccinated. The full Tanana announcement is here. (3/1)


Other villages

If you want to post your village's current coronavirus control policies here on the Yukon Wireless, please email them to




NEW - Visiting the YKEALF residents is now possible for everyone under the following restrictions:
When Galena is in the Red Zone, visiting will not be allowed. Our goal is to protect our elders but also allowing contact with family and friends and to get them back to being out in the community. Visits need to be scheduled. Call 656-2574. We only have one line so be patient.

Upon arrival, visitors need a temperature check and screening for symptoms, washing hands and sign in. A resident is limited to two visitors at a time, including children. If they are vaccinated and the visitor(s) are vaccinated, they can visit in their own units without a mask or social distancing. If the visitor(s) is not vaccinated, they must social distance and wear a mask at all times. When in the dining room or TV room, the common areas, visitors must wear a mask and social distance from other residents. Children are not vaccinated, thus social distancing is a must - no hugging. Children under two are not required to wear a mask but must have social distance. No holding infants. Children must be closely supervised by their parent/adult; no running around. Once it warms up more, we will be able to allow more than two visitors per resident outside. Residents are allowed to visit outside the Facility, i.e. in someone's home or to go for a ride.

The complete document detailing visiting requirements and policies is available here. (4/12)

NEW - The Galena Swim Team is having a mock swim meet on Saturday April 24, starting at 9:00 AM, at the Galena City Swimming Pool. Swimmers will be racing to improve their times in a variety of events. Come watch and cheer on our swimmers as they compete. Breakfast concessions will be available for sale. (4/21)

NEW - The Galena Softball Teams and GSA are hosting a Casino night this Saturday, April 24th at 6pm in the community Hall. All proceeds and donations will go towards this year’s Annual Softball Tourney set to happen from June 18th-20th. Their flyer for the event is here. (4/21)

NEW - The 43rd Gana-A’Yoo Annual Meeting of Shareholders is on May 21st at 11:00 am in Fairbanks. Whether the shareholder meeting will be open to in-person participation will depend on the recommendations of public health officials closer to the date of the meeting. Instructions on how to attend will be sent to shareholders. This year’s theme is Adapting to our Environment. Voting Shareholders have the option to vote their hard copy proxy or online at

April 23rd: Early bird prizes deadline, valid proxies must be received by 5 pm. Prizes are one (1) $1,000, one (1) $500, and five (5) $100.
May 19th: Proxy deadline, valid proxies must be received by 5 pm. Prizes are one (1) $1,500, one (1) $1,000, two (2) $250, and two (2) $100.

If you are interested in serving on the natural resources or shareholder relations committee, submit your letter of interest to by April 30th. Gana-A’Yoo shareholders and descendants: The competitive and general scholarship application is due on June 15th. For more information visit our website or call 907-569-9599 or toll free 1-888-656-1606. (4/9)

NEW - The Louden Tribal Council has a limited number of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors available to those in need. Check yours, and stop by the Louden Tribal Office if they're missing or not working. (4/7)

NEW - Photos for the 2021 senior slide show during the graduation ceremony are due on Friday, May 7 to Mr. Apfelbeck on the SHS campus. Photos can be emailed or brought to his room in person. Seniors are limited to seven (7) photos. Please do not group two or more photos together; those won’t be accepted, and it looks terrible on the screen during the graduation ceremony. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Apfelbeck at 656-1205. Their flyer is here. (4/6)

The Galena Spring Carnival was a success! Lots of people participated in the races, and the results can be downloaded here. (4/6)

The Louden Tribal Council has a large stock of gardening seeds available and everyone is welcome to stop by the tribal office and pick some up. Spring is coming! (3/16)

A message for Ruby residents from Everts Air: Flights have begun to and from Fairbanks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Call 907-490-2351 or 907-452-2351 for more information. (3/17)

The swim team will be adding a non-competitive youth division for kids ages 6 and up. Practices will be held Wednesdays from 6-7PM and Saturdays from 10-11 AM. Please consider joining them this week. Contact Tamara Huntington 907-656-7223 if you have any questions. (3/8)

Nenana Ice Classic tickets are available at the Yukon Inn in Galena. Don't out on one of the longest running games in Alaska. Big big money! (2/18)

Galena Hardware has lifted their extra COVID restrictions, and are open for business. They simply ask that you comply with the City of Galena's mask ordinance. Pick up service is still available. Call 656-7111 for Galena Hardware. (3/4)

As a way of increasing the legal harvest of wolves and to reduce the predation on moose around Galena, the Louden Tribal Council is sponsoring a wolf harvest program. For each legally harvested wolf taken within a 20-mile radius of Galena, between February 9th and May 1st, 2021, a payment of $300 will be made to the successful trapper or hunter. Other rules do apply, so make sure to inspect the announcement from the Council. (2/22)

Louden Tribal Council is looking for volunteer tribal court judges for ICWA cases. If you're interested, please call Susie Sam at the Louden Tribal Office at 656-1711. (2/11)

We are having quite an issue again with dogs running loose. According to Galena Ordinance GMC6.04.130 dogs must be secured at all times whether at their residence or while out walking. The Galena Police Department will begin issuing $300 citations for anyone caught in violation of the ordinance. (2/26)

The Alaska Business Development Center has traveled across Alaska to provide free tax services for 25 years. This year, in lieu of travel, assistance is available from ABDC's Anchorage office. For more information and eligibility, visit their website at (1/23)

A reminder from our friends at Gana-A 'Yoo, Ltd. Shareholders and Descendants must apply for a timber use permit to harvest timber on Gana-A’Yoo lands. Non-shareholder residents of the community are not permitted. Visit for more information on Gana-A’Yoo Land Management Policies and applications. If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at 888-656-1606.

The Louden Tribal Council is happy to announce the restart of the plastic recycling program in Galena. Clean bottles can be dropped off in the same cages used for the aluminum cans, located outside the LTC Office. We are only able to accept #1 and #2 plastic drinking bottles. Look on the bottom of your plastic bottles to find out if your plastic can be recycled. Find the recycling arrows...if the number inside says 1 or 2, they can accept it! Please don't bring plastic other than personal drinking bottles. If you have any questions, call Brooke at 656-1711. (12/16)

The Galena emergency contact numbers have to change again. Please note the following changes:

Crowley Fuels would like to share the following fuel tank safety tips. Before you get a delivery of fuel, make sure your driveway is plowed or shoveled. Clean snow and ice covering your tank’s ladder, fill ports and vents. Knock down snow or ice overhanging your tank. And check your fuel and propane inventory to make sure you have enough. Thank you for helping keep our community safe and warm. (11/17)






Louden Tribal Council is pleased to announce the return of the aluminum can recycling program in Galena. Bags of clean cans can be left in the designated drop-off cage outside of the LTC Office. Please take the time to rinse and ry the cans before putting them in bags and leaving them in the designated drop off area. Feel free to call Brooke at 656-1711 with questions or for information on COVID precautions. (11/23)

The Galena City School District reminds Galena drivers to be extremely careful when approaching a school bus, especially when the bus is stopped. Students may be getting onto or out of the bus. Alaska law states that drivers approaching a school bus from the rear may not pass the school bus when red signal lights are flashing, and shall bring their vehicles to a complete stop before reaching the school bus when it is stopped. Drivers shall remain stopped until the bus's stop sign is retracted, the flashing red lights are discontinued and the school bus resumes motion, or until signaled by the bus driver to proceed. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping kids safe. (10/15)

Wright Air Service has a mandatory face mask policy for all passengers on all flights, and for all staff, passengers and visitors at the waiting room in Fairbanks.

Major retailers with stores in Fairbanks that require all customers to wear a face mask include Costco, Fred Meyer and Walmart. (7/22)

The Dental Department at the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena is open and seeing patients for routine care, which includes exams, simple cleanings and fillings, as well as emergency evaluations. Please call 656-1366 extension 5336 in advance to make an appointment. (7/6)






NEW - The Louden Tribal Council has assembled a listing for contruction jobs this season in Galena:

TC CONSTRUCTION - 907-631-3237
General Laborer / Equipment Operators Carpenters (Must have at least 3 years of on-the-job carpentry experience and/or a trade school certification)
Welders (Must have a D1.1 certification)

Plumbers and Pipefitter / Apprentice (Must be part of the Local 367 Union)

General Laborer Flooring Installer (At least 2 years of experience)

Painter / Taper Helper (Must have minimum 2 years of experience)

All workers must have own transportation to jobsite, be able to work a minimum 10-hour shift and show up to work on time EVERY DAY. Come with a good attitude and be willing to take direction. We have a no tolerance policy in terms of any drugs or alcohol on our jobsites. Anyone suspected of being intoxicated will be terminated on the spot with no chance to return on our sites. The full set of job listings and a letter from TC Construction is available here. (4/19)

- ENHC has an opening for a dental assistant intern. This is a paid internship of approximately 12 month duration. The goal of the Dental Assistant Internship program is for successful completion of the training curriculum which will lead to a promotion to a permanent full time position as a Dental Assistant. If interested please apply for the Galena position at (3/15)

(Updated 4/19) The Galena City School District has the following job openings:


Business Manager
Computer Technician
Coaching and Advisors
Maintenance I - Bus Driver
GILA - Secretary / Registar
GILA - Dorm Aide
GILA - Resident Advisor
GILA - Residential Advisor - Programming
GILA - Assistant Cook
GILA - Cook's Helper
GILA - Residence Life Counselor
SHS - Food Service Manager
SHS - Teacher (Grades 6-8)
SHS / GILA - Cultural Studies & Language Teacher
SHS / GILA - Special Education Teacher (Grades K-12)
SHS / GILA - Special Education Teacher (Grades 9-12)
SHS / GILA - Math Teacher (2)
SHS / GILA - Language Arts Teacher
SHS / GILA - Construction Trades Teacher
SHS / GILA - Welding and Fabrication Teacher

Coaches Needed:

Head Wrestling
Assistant Wrestling
Head Volleyball
JV Volleyball
Head Cross Country Running
Assistant Cross Country Running
Junior High Basketball

A document detailing the coaching positions is here.


Temporary Clerical II (Fairbanks)
Computer Technician
Resource Room Coordinator (Anchorage)

For more information, see the Galena City School District employment page. Or, call the district office at 907-656-1205.





*** PLEASE NOTE, any classified ad two weeks or older will be removed, so please try and keep us informed when something is sold or a need has been met.  Thanks!

NEW - For Sale: · $50 for Mahogany Kala Soprano Ukulele KA-15S and two instructional music books with DVD · $425 for Husqvarna 357XP w/20” Bar, New Chain & Spares Texts only to John at 907-656-7193. (4/21)

There is a three bedroom home for sale on Louden Loop Road, next to Galena Hardware.. Serious inquiries only please, to Cecelia Grant at 907-687-7255. A picture of the house is here. (3/16)

Conchetta's Custom Cakes in Galena is accepting orders to help you celebrate an upcoming birthday, anniversary or other special event. To find out more or to place an order, contact Sable at 656-7066 or email (7/1)



*** PLEASE NOTE, any lost and found notice more than two weeks old will be removed, so please try and keep us informed when owners and items have been joyfully reunited.  Thanks!





UPDATED 2021 Galena Pool Schedule

Lap swims:

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Tuesday & Thursday (shared with swim team) 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Saturday’s (shared with Swim team) 8am-10am


UPDATED JANUARY 1, 2021 - Here is a listing of privately-owned lodging establishments and vehicle rental businesses in Galena. Please feel free to share this resource with those needing short or long term, temporary lodging or transportation. If you offer these services, and wish to be added to the list, please e-mail us at so we can post it online.



Galena Emergency Numbers UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020

Police: 911

Police non-emergency office line is 656-2177.

Fire Department: 656-0911

Medical: 656-1266 (emergency). The non-emergency line is 656-1366.

Tanana Chiefs Conference After-Hours Triage Nurse: 1-800-478-6682 (for times when clinic is closed or a local on-call provider is not available)

Behavioral Health Emergency Line: 656-7199

Alaska State Troopers (statewide, toll free ):  1 (800) 811-0911

Airport Police (statewide, toll free):  1 (877) 847-4342





For villages out of Galena that are interested in ARCS TV service call KIYU at (907) 656-1488 and we'll get you in touch with those that can assist you.


The Food Section





Hours are 10am-2pm. Call 656-2505 ahead of time to place orders.


April 19th - April 25th


Turkey Day Wraps w/Seasoned Rice


Smoked Pork BBQ Sandwich, Baked Beans & Coleslaw


Nachos Supreme or Indian Tacos


Chicken Coconut Curry over Rice


Homemade Pizza & Seafood Chowder


11am - 2pm

Sunday - Closed



Notice: The breakfast menus for February 10th and February 17th have been swapped.














-you can download the GILA January 2021 breakfast menu here, the January 2021 lunch menu here.